Outlook Rule for 'on behalf of' Emails

Outlook Rule for 'on behalf of' Emails

November 17, 2021

I get a lot of different alert emails, from Azure DevOps, AWS, etc. Setting up rules to move these emails to different folders is important for my sanity. Alert emails I typically get come from a central source, and the on behalf of email is from the root source, like Azure DevOps or AWS. This post answers the question:

How do I setup an Outlook rule to filter on behalf of emails?

  • Open the Rules and Alerts window in Outlook
  • Click New Rule…
  • Click Next to skip to the advanced setup


Unfortuantely, we can’t create a rule for on behalf of email address using the from people or public group. The address is stored in the email header though, so we can search the header for the address.

  • Select with specific words in the message header
  • Click specific words in Step 2 to add the email address you want to filter on


  • Click Ok to exit the Search Text dialog


  • Select the folder you want to move emails to and click Finish